Best Tasting Non-Denatured, Pasture Raised,
Grass-Fed Cow’s Whey Protein.

Warrior Whey Protein Concentrate Warrior Whey® is a remarkably delicious, non-denatured whole protein – a great fit for athletes health consumers, fitness advocates and dieters. It is made from raw milk of pasture raised, grass-fed cows, and tested to contain all naturally occurring immunefactors and bioactive peptides intact.

Warrior Whey® has been tested to contain all fragile immune factors,amino acids and peptides intact. Warrior Whey® is formulated with the finest whole food ingredients and no sugar added. It has unmatched nutritional properties to support your muscle and keep your body in a prime state of health.

Why Defense Nutrition Warrior Whey® Protein?

What Sets Warrior Whey® Apart From Other Whey Protein Products?
  • Derived from pasture raised, grass-fed cows to yield the purest non-denatured whey protein.
  • Made with ImmunoWhey® - Tested for keeping all naturally occurring immune factors intact.
  • Contains all fragile amino acids and peptides.
  • High in muscle building BCAA, and Leucine.
  • Highest protein utilization efficiency.
  • Highest biological value.
  • Fast nutrient delivery for faster muscle recovery.
  • Low gylcemic.
  • Mind blowing awesome taste (you’d swear you’re drinking a milkshake from an ice cream shop).

Defense Nutrition's Warrior Whey® is made with the purest non-denatured, non-acid, low temperature processed all natural whey protein concentrate. Derived from raw milk whey protein of pasture raised, grass-fed cows. The whey protein is pesticide free, chemical free, GMO free and rBGH free, yielding the highest biological value and best whey protein powder made in the USA.

Defense Nutrition's Warrior Whey® Advantages

1Certified Pasture Raised, Grass-Fed Cows' Whey Protein Concentrate
Formulated For Complete Muscle Nourishment And Immuno Support

Defense Nutrition's Warrior Whey® is a remarkably delicious non-denatured pasture fed whey protein with all immune supportive nutrients intact and the highest biological value. Made with NO sugar added, NO sugar alcohols, NO fructose, and NO artificial additives, it accommodates the muscle metabolic needs for quality organic all natural whey protein after exercise.

2Provides Missing Amino Acids
Provides All Essential And Conditionally Essential Amino Acids

The protein profile in Defense Nutrition's Warrior Whey® is pound-for-pound more impressive than any other single protein food. It provides all essential and conditionally essential amino acidsincluding the muscle building glutamic acid, branch-chain amino acids, leucine, and cysteine - which play key roles in energy production, immune support and muscular development.

3Contains All Naturally Occuring Immune Factors
Rich Source of Bioactive Glutathione Precursors

Warrior Whey® by Defense Nutrition is an exclusive source of bioactive cysteine (glutamylcysteine), which is missing in the typical diet and yet required by the body for vital metabolic and immune functions.

Warrior Whey® has been tested to contain all naturally occurring immune factors intact, including serum albumin, immunoglobulins, alpha lactoglobulins, beta lactoglobulins, glucomacropeptides and lactoferrin - virtually the same immune compounds that are found in human breast milk, responsible for providing the newborn with immune defenses against infections and disease. The immunological properties of pasture raised, grass-fed cows' whey protein such as in ImmunoWhey® have been widely documented - proving to benefit humans of all ages.

4Fast Nutrient Delivery
Ideal for Muscle Recovery

Defense Nutrition's Warrior Whey® has a fast nutrient delivery. For the purpose of muscle nourishment, the capacity to digest and assimilate nutrients is of utmost importance. The more digestible and fast assimilating the protein is, the fastest it will nourish and repair the muscle during the window of opportunity right after exercise.

5Taste, Taste, Taste
Best Taste Ever, Curbs Sweet Cravings, Helps Manage Weight.

Warrior Whey® is a unique wholesome protein with a remarkable delicious creamy taste and unmatched nutritional value. It is inherently designed to promote satiety peptides such as CCK and GLP-1, which are known to enhance satiety, promote insulin sensitivity and support weight loss. This nourishing effect yields a great sense of pleasure, curb cravings for sweets, and help manage weight.

6Low Glycemic
Naturally Supports Healthy Insulin

Warrior Whey® is naturally sweetened with no sugar added, no sugar alcohol, no fructose, no artificial sweeteners and made with a specially modified water soluble fiber that has a glycemic balancing effect and pre-biotic properties. Being low glycemic, it is the best tasting all natural protein available for carb sensitive individuals.

Defense nutrition's Warrior Whey® is available in delicious plain, vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter, strawberry, blueberry and banana flavors. It can be served as a shake, a pudding or even chewed as a powder, flavors from the canister.

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Success Stories

"Love the Warrior Whey® the best organic protein supplements! It's my breakfast with flaxseed meal that always keeps me going for a day in the OR. Chocolate and peanut butter are so tasty my grandson says - It's better than chocolate milk Papa!"
- Greg Dubla

"Warrior Whey® is groundbreaking in its nutritional appeal, taste and impact. For the purpose of muscular development -- it has NO equal." - Marty Gallagher

"Nothing that tasted that great could possibly be good for me, I thought. However, the information that I received from the Defense Nutrition team was reassuring, so I experimented for the last two days, having a chocolate Warrior Whey "shake" at 11:00 after my overnight fast and morning workout. I then took my blood sugar reading an hour after each of those meals. I am now totally convinced and enthusiastic!" - Sharon B.

"About 6 months ago I switched my protein to Warrior Whey®, having it in the morning and after workouts and it has had amazing effects on me. I am down to about 6% body fat again, weigh 208 lbs., and am stronger than I have ever been in my life. My hemoglobin A1C is around 7 and I am taking less insulin than I was before using Warrior Whey® and am still able to maintain my blood sugar. I still take Lantus at night, but my Novolog is down to 1 or 2 shots a day and I am still able to maintain weight and strength due to the new protein! Best tasting natural protein powder!" - Joshua Woodward

"Warrior Diet supplements, the Essentials, Bars and organic whey protein concentrate powder, are the only ones I trust. I know they work, I know they're clean, and nothing comes close to the taste. I feel so strongly about the products I have put my family on them." - Marc

"I've been in the supplement industry for years and have access to hundreds of brands, but I'll keep coming back for Warrior Whey® because of the unparalleled quality, taste and made of organic whey protein without soy." - Geof Else

"The one-of-a-kind Defense Nutrition® peanut butter flavor is absolutely, unbelievably delicious and raw milk whey protein! I now feel like I'm cheating every time I drink it, but it's actually incredibly healthy." - Adrian

"Lost 4inches around the waist in less than three months. Always been a warrior but never diet like one. You said your Warrior Whey® is good, and I beleive you that's why I bought five of them on my first purchase. Thank you so much Mr Ori for the best organic whey protein brands and naturally sweetened whey protein blend. " - Brons007